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As a student, there were many times when I found myself in urgent need of academic help. At that time, there weren’t so many options to choose from. That is to say, I would ask for guidance from a colleague or professor, and that was about it. Nevertheless, at the time being, students have the option of getting academic help online. And while this shouldn’t necessarily be a custom, it is a nice option to have.

Still, if it’s the first time you’re looking for academic help, you’ll definitely find my review helpful. Today I’ll talk about – a company that offers assistance with written academic assignments, college homework as well as online tutoring.

As you can see, this firm provides a unique assembly of services. But the question is – is it the right option for your needs or not? You’ll definitely have an answer to this question after reading this feedback on 24HourAnswers.


Essentially, this company wants to assist students in more than one domain – which is why it supplies tutoring services, aside from the typical range of services. In other words, if you have difficulties with some of your homework assignments, you might consider contacting 24 Hour Answers. Submitting your request is rather straightforward – you are expected to follow three easy steps. You can ask the questions you have and, if you have a file, you can upload it.

Since we’ve established what you can get by contacting 24 Hour Answers, the question that imminently follows is: does this service offer high-quality and reliability or the other way around?

Evidently, the primary reason why students consider getting academic help is enhancing their grades. It doesn’t make any sense to pay for a paper that is poorly written – which is why high-quality and reliability is the key. Truth be told, I was utterly disappointed by, due to the reasons I’ll outline in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Writing Staff and Customer Support

I wanted to establish the quality of each service offered, which is why I requested each and one of them. Notwithstanding, the communication didn’t go smoothly. That is to say, the customer support isn’t responsive, as it should be. For example, I sent a few messages with some questions, and it took hours until someone actually answered me. So, if you were in need of urgent help, then, you might end up being disappointed by – you won’t get an answer to your questions too soon.

On the other hand, in reference to the tutoring services, they were more reliable, even though this department could do with some improvements, as well.

To be more specific, the tutors did offer answers. Nevertheless, when it came to more challenging, complicated questions and topics, it wasn’t the case. This can be really frustrating, specifically when you pay money for getting assistance. In fact, according to customer feedback, students who chose were fairly disappointed by this, as well.

And while there were some testimonials that were overly positive, most customer reviews were mixed, the majority being on the negative side. Also, some of the papers in the library were helpful, whereas others were far from being so. I also asked a customer support agent regarding some inaccuracies present in a specific document, and I was told that there are more than one ways of solving a math problem.

Prices and Discounts

Most students want to find out specific information regarding the pricing system of an academic service. Oddly enough, though, there aren’t any fixed prices published on the website, with the exception of a few. This is primarily because you are expected to negotiate the rages with the tutor or instructor you pick. Obviously, this means that you cannot benefit from certain discounts, coupon codes or any other promo code, as you would if you chose another company.


Concluding this review, it’s worth noting that the rating has online is not the best. This is primarily why I didn’t have the highest expectations before reviewing this company. Some improvements should be made – the customer support department should be more helpful and responsive, whereas the information presented on the website should be more comprehensive. These are only some of the reasons why I hesitate recommending

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